Meet the maker

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Meet the maker: Astrid Andreassen, shoe and slipper maker

A. Andreassen's footwear is inspired by nature and Scandinavia’s dramatic landscapes, explains founder Astrid

Meet the maker: David J. Cochrane, master weaver

David J. Cochrane tapestries come to life in Edinburgh's Dovecot Studios. Water is a recurring theme

Meet the maker: Annette Smith, chocolatier

Annette Smith makes artisan chocolates using high-quality ingredients and collaborates with other local makers to create new and exciting flavours

Meet the maker: Angie Lewin, printmaker

Angie Lewin is the subject of issue 116’s Meet the Maker. Her work depicts the UK's natural flora in linocut and other limited edition prints.

Meet the Maker: Eleanor Paulin, watchmaker

Eleanor Paulin is the subject of issue 116’s Meet the Maker. She runs Glasgow-based watch brand Paulin



Celebrating 25 years of Carpenter Oak in Scotland

Carpenter Oak is an award-winning company that specialises in designing, making and installing bespoke structural timber frames