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A meticulously designed Glasgow townhouse takes a bow

When Emma Ellson was first invited along to see a client’s latest property acquisition, she had to look past a lot of dated décor and uneven…

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Modern glass extension updates Edwardian townhouse in Glasgow

Giving Modernist styling and 21st-century additions to this Arts and Crafts house was a risk that paid off handsomely It’s a dilemma that many owners of…

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This Life: bakery47

A good honest bakery. Anna and Sam Luntley are modest people in every regard, but when it comes to trying to sum up their business, bakery47, ‘a good honest…

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B-listed garden flat given a new lease of life

Reconfigured and extended, this Glasgow garden flat has no down sides A garden flat, to many people, is the holy grail: you get a home in the heart of the…

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