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These ethical, forward-thinking farmers at beautiful Lunan Bay have their own unique take on the progressive possibilities of Scottish agriculture Photography Susie Lowe Words & art...

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A collective custom build in Edinburgh has created four bespoke flats in a new eco-friendly tenement

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Don’t wait till spring. Getting your garden going now will give you a head start for the rest of the year.

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On the map

A first solo show in three decades proves Sam Ainsley is still one of the leading lights in contemporary Scottish art

How the landscape informed a precious project in North Ayrshire

Tying the design and fabric of a building to its landscape has created something rare and precious in a corner of North Ayrshire

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A better work-life balance was all it took to make the interior designer fall back in love with her Glasgow home

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Glasgow’s newest whisky-maker is re-establishing long-lost links with the city’s industrial heritage



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