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Event Report: Cook off – Kitchens International

Twenty five years in the making has made Kitchens International a leader in high-end design

Designer Kitchens and Interiors has a new studio in Aberdeen

Designer Kitchens and Interiors has opened a new creative space in the west end of Aberdeen

Kitchens International launches commercial interiors division

The new department has been in demand across the Scottish hospitality industry, working on flawless commercial interiors for a range of bespoke projects

Ten inspirational kitchens in Scotland

To celebrate Cameron Interiors' 40th birthday, we've compiled a selection of the luxury interior design firm's most impressive kitchens

Kitchens2 launches at The Bathroom Company’s Perth showroom

Already on display at its Edinburgh studio, The Bathroom Company’s Kitchens2 brand can be seen at its Perth showroom from early 2019

Nordic interiors brand NS Studio opens showroom in Edinburgh’s Morningside

Look no further than this buzzy Edinburgh kitchen studio for your next redesign Danish kitchen design company Nordic Studio has announced the launch of a...

This stunning concrete kitchen in Ayrshire is a work of art

This kitchen, say owners Emma and James, is a functional piece of modern art. It was created by Fife-based Nicholas Denney to replace their old one, which was falling apart. “We needed more work space, and wanted something that was solidly constructed,” recalls James. “Specifically, we wanted one flowing material that would allow us to sweep directly into the sink and not have any grout that could blacken over time.”

Neat and tidy storage solutions to streamline your kitchen

What good storage looks like in your kitchen will vary from person to person

5 design events, fairs and festivals to visit in 2024

Whether it’s inspiration for a new interiors project or just a trip to inspire your design soul, these are the design events to catch in 2024

5 kitchen design rules that get our editor’s sign of approval

These five kitchen design rules ensure you'll have a fresh, stylish and low-maintenance cooking space



Homes for sale near you: ESPC’s The Luxe List – July

Each month, in association with ESPC, we'll showcase a handful of the most coveted properties in Scotland

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