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This Life: Janice Kirkpatrick and Ross Hunter

The couple behind the design consultancy Graven have found fresh inspiration at their Ayrshire farmhouse “Everyone is doing the same thing,” remarks Ross…

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This Life: Georgina McMaster

The wildlife and nature of rural Aberdeenshire provide ideal inspiration for this Scottish painter Georgina McMaster is beaming as she opens the door of her…

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This Life: Mark and Maggie Bush

An idyllic Perthshire farm is the setting for a burgeoning family business that’s making the most of an alternative harvest You’d be forgiven for…

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This Life: Anna McManus

The Scandinavian heritage of the woman behind the Tiny Vikings brand shines through in both her home and her work Anna McManus is laughing as she describes how…

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This Life: Kris & Graham Currie

Running a business and designing buildings – all in a day’s work for this Edinbugh-based couple It’s not often that the worlds of the romper suit and the…

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This Life: bakery47

A good honest bakery. Anna and Sam Luntley are modest people in every regard, but when it comes to trying to sum up their business, bakery47, ‘a good honest…

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This Life: Pat Renson

Realising that time is running out, Pat Renson is trying to get her house ready for Christmas. She is also working flat out at her studio and is hoping to fit…

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