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The vistas from a rugged corner of Skye proved irresistible for one couple

The views from this rugged corner of Skye proved irresistible to a couple in search of the perfect place to build a new home Do certain places on Earth possess…

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The end of the road: new-build guesthouse on Skye

A businessman who’d spent half his life in hotels, the owner of this home on Skye had long dreamed of owning the perfect guesthouse – so he built it…

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The coast is clear for zinc-clad new-build

Anxious not to block the view, the new owners of this plot in the north-west Highlands commissioned an unobtrusive house – and compensated for the…

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Barn again: beautifully restored and modernised farm building

Not so long ago, a farmer kept his horses here. Now, thanks to an owner and an architect both determined to maintain its agricultural heritage, this building…