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Old cow shed transformed into a modern home

Moving from an elegant, beautifully decorated Victorian flat in the vibrant west end of Glasgow to a potential-filled but battered old cattle shed in the…

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Modern glass extension updates Edwardian townhouse in Glasgow

Giving Modernist styling and 21st-century additions to this Arts and Crafts house was a risk that paid off handsomely It’s a dilemma that many owners of…

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The vistas from a rugged corner of Skye proved irresistible for one couple

The views from this rugged corner of Skye proved irresistible to a couple in search of the perfect place to build a new home Do certain places on Earth possess…

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Ardnamurchan project resulted in a high-spec property

With the pedigree of Dualchas behind it, HebHomes has taken the kit house to a whole new level In the surface of it, the decision to replace a post-war prefab…

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A new, open kitchen and dining room provides a better connection to the garden

Happiness, for the owners of this house, came from the simple creation of a better connection to their garden If you’re going to do something, do it right.…

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After a bumpy start, this project came together with impressive results

Self-build projects are never straightforward, but the rewards outweigh the risks Given the choice between renovating an existing property and building a brand…

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Contemporary reimagining of a Georgian villa

This new-build in North Berwick has been designed to outlast its Georgian and Victorian neighbours Naming your home Solid House could be tempting fate –…

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This extension to a Highland Georgian property packs a punch

No one would mistake this extension for an original part of the Georgian house attached to it – which was exactly what the owners wanted Conservation…

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Victorian granite Aberdeen home gets a must-have makeover

This 1860s house has kept its period features but fused them with a cool, modern Scandinavian style When Emily and Andrew Curthoys moved to Aberdeen for…

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New build on the Moray Coast has flexible living space and impressive views

Designed to harness summer and withstand winter, this Highland home is setting new standards Just as film directors are warned never to work with children or…

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