Anna McClelland on her 1960s Milngavie bungalow featured on Scotland’s Home of the Year



Anna from episode two of Scotland’s Home of the Year 2024 chats about her bold and beautiful 1960s bungalow renovation in Milngavie

The abstract printed walls, carpets, cartoonish cushions and bold, out-there design was certainly a surprise for judges Anna Campbell-Jones, Banjo Beale and Danny Campbell as they opened the door of this 1960s Milngavie bungalow, but a welcome one.

The eclectic and colourful home embodied the feeling of joy at every turn, and the judges were bowled over by the design choices.

Below, Anna McLelland chats about the renovation – the couple added a dormer upstairs and extended the living area downstairs – how designing a home works between two art school graduates, and her ethos when it comes to her interiors.

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How does it feel for your home to be featured on Scotland’s Home of the Year? It must be really exciting.

I’m not sure it’s everybody’s cup of tea! But we had a laugh and it was great. I’m not really sure what to make of it all!

You moved in in 2011. At which point did you realise that you wanted to expand the home, and which of the two extensions did you start with?

When we moved and bought the house it only had four rooms, so we always knew we’d have to extend it, but we bought it because it had a good plot and a great view. There was always potential there.

I was pregnant with my older daughter so we needed to get the upstairs dormer added quite quickly as we only had the one bedroom at that point.

You and your husband are both art school graduates. Did you bring different creative perspectives to the table and was it a battle of wills at times?

I do kind of like how we’re able to work together. I’ll tell him about things that inspire me or things I’d like to do and use him almost like a springboard, but it’s mostly my vision. He’s much more practical, so I’ll go to him with ideas and he’ll be able to say, “That won’t work” or “Why don’t we try it like this?”.

What is your process when it comes to bringing your home to life?

I don’t think there’s any formula you have to use. I’m just such a visual person. I’m interested in beauty and if I find something beautiful then I just have to have it! Maybe you’ve got two or three key things that you really love and then then other things start to fit in with that that and it all just starts to come together.

Your home is obviously an adult space, but it feels a lot like a creative playground as well. Was that sense of fun important for you both with raising your children there?

Yeah, it’s funny people always ask me that and I have to be honest and say I didn’t plan it that way! I just liked all the colours and patterns. I like cartoons. I really wanted one of those big bins of sheep or hippos that you get in playgrounds. I don’t like to take things too seriously. That doesn’t mean I think everyone should be silly and ridiculous, but I just happen to like that effect!

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