Nicola Lamb to visit Lannan Bakery and Topping & Co as part of new Sift book tour



The pastry chef and recipe developer Nicola Lamb will visit three Scottish stores as part of her new book tour

 words Adrianne Webster 

If you’re one of the many who queues around the street on a Sunday morn to cop one of Darcie Maher‘s pain au chocolat at Lannan Bakery in Edinburgh, then you might be interested to hear about a collaborative event coming up at the beloved bakery this week.

Pastry chef, recipe developer and now author, Nicola Lamb, will be heading to the Stockbridge favourite this Thursday 30th May from 8am to share her new cookbook, the Sunday Times Bestseller Sift: The Elements of Great Baking, as well as offer some menu collaborations at the shop.

A sunshiney six orange orange cake by Nicola. Image: @nicolaalamb

“I am an absolutely huge fan of Darcie and Lannan, and it’s a dream come true to combine the SIFT bookshop tour with this very special bakery moment,” shared Nicola on her Instagram.

The exclusive pastries and bakes on offer as part of this special collaboration include:

  • St Honoré Cherry Danish, made with Lannan’s croissant pastry
  • Peach and Tomato Panzanella Danish, also made with Lannan’s croissant pastry
  • Coriander Seed, Panela and Apricot Cake with Honey Cream Cheese Frosting
  • Brown Sugar Canelés
Nicola Lamb will visit Lannan Bakery as part of her new tour
Sift: The Elements of Great Baking is a Sunday Times Bestseller

Where else can you see Nicola Lamb on her tour?

She’ll also collaborate with Topping & Co Edinburgh on Wednesday 29th May, with the event taking place at The Royal Scots Club, before heading to Topping & Co bookstore in St Andrews on Thursday 30th May. To book tickets for either of these events, head to her website.

“I’m so excited to share an updated SIFT tour schedule and reveal a few fun collaborations too,” shared Nicola on her Instagram.

“Over the coming months, I’ll be bopping around bookshops, bakeries and festivals across the country and I am so excited to meet as many of you as possible!

A selection of pastries from @lannanbakery

“I’m also so happy to be announcing menu collaborations with some incredible bakeries: I’ll be at @lannanbakery on Thursday 30th May and @Farrobakery on Tuesday 18th June!” she posted.

These exciting pop-ups offer a rare opportunity to taste creations from one of the biggest names in baking in the UK.

She trained in some of London and New York’s top bakeries, including Dominique Ansel, Ottolenghi, Happy Endings, and Little Bread Pedlar, and is the author of Kitchen Projects, a top food and drink newsletter on Substack, praised as an ‘incredible resource’ by The Observer.

Nicola has also written for Serious Eats, The Guardian, Olive, Vogue, and ES Magazine and hosts sell-out pastry parties with her pop-up bakery, lark! and has collaborated with notable names like Verena Lochmuller of Ottolenghi Test Kitchen, Toklas Bakery, Soft & Swirly, and Kossoffs, among others.

For information about Nicola’s Sift: The Elements of Great Baking book tour, head to her website

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