Where the wild things are: 6 kids bedroom decor ideas


Update your child’s bedroom with fresh shades and playful pattern

written by Miriam Methuen-Jones & Adrianne Webster

With spring upon us, you might be seeking a fresh, confident upgrade for your child’s room. Where to begin?

Top of the list for a child’s room is the potential for exploration. There are small ways to incorporate this (unusual textures, displays of their favourite things), but start with the layout if you can.

Even the most average room can usually accommodate a platform bed, which provides an instant element of play and bonus storage space beneath. Or create a hidey-hole: an unused alcove can be transformed into a den with nothing more than a telescopic rail and some inexpensive curtains — it’s even renter-friendly.

If your children are telling you they’re too old for dens, take it with a pinch of salt; but it might be time to transform their room into a pre-teen oasis that can grow with them. Give them a space other than the bed for lounging (windowseats are a favourite) and involve them in choosing the elements that have to stand the test of time.


Image by Fanny Radvik

Encourage maximalist tastes from an early age with a smorgasbord of colourful Cathy Nordström textiles. Add in a splash of Unexpected Red to be bang-on trend.

Add a touch of magic with a canopy over the bed. The fabric is Tori Murphy’s Woodhouse Check. Star-print art and cloud-print bedsheets add to the magical vibe.

If you’re dealing with a small room, consider optimising your space for extra storage points. Under beds, above wardrobes and clever shelf solutions can open up a world of possibilities. Mia Karlsson designed this clever room above with a raised bed to open up extra storage beneath.

Play with design ideas that introduce a sense of character. A bog standard window can become a windowseat and bed with some thought and planning. The above room is designed by Studio Peake.

A tasteful and confident yet playful bedroom is the perfect transition for tweens looking for a more mature bedroom. Make use of easily changeable elements like wallpaper and paint to update as the years go by. The Hicks’ Blue paint on the panelling and the Burges Butterfly wallpaper are both by Little Greene.

Tight squeeze? This bedroom can sleep four thanks to bespoke bunks. The dark blue paint is Maritime by Mylands.

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