Create an abstract headboard with this step-by-step DIY guide


This retro-inspired abstract headboard design by Annie Sloan is quite easy to do, with a huge impact

 words Adrianne Webster

Count yourself crafty? Then check out this cool headboard by paint experts, Annie Sloan. If you’re thinking of attempting it, we recommend sketching out your design in advance and trying out a variety of colours on paper before applying the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in your chosen shades.

This isn’t a project that should be attempted off the cuff. Plan carefully, and then execute with playfulness and confidence.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Step one

Paint the half-moon MDF headboard using Chalk Paint in Scandinavian Pink. You may find you need two coats as MDF is a very absorbent surface.

Step two

Mark out an area on the wall for the pink stripe using the weighted string method. The wall is painted with Wall Paint in Old Ochre.

Step three

Using the string as a guide, paint a strip of Scandinavian Pink with a Large Chalk Paint Brush. You could use masking tape, but the softer line of freehand is preferable.

Step four

Continue the line from the wall onto the bedhead using another weighted string and Blu Tack, and fill in the area using Chalk Paint in Honfleur. Seal the headboard with Clear Chalk Paint Wax.

abstract headboard design by Annie Sloan

Step five

Take a piece of string and tie pencils to both ends. Wedge one pencil under the MDF headboard at its centre point and use the other pencil to draw a semicircle above the headboard.

abstract headboard design by Annie Sloan

Step six

Fill in the stripe using Chalk Paint in Honfleur. Adjust the string to a longer length to create a semicircle in Aubusson Blue. Use a Large Round Detail Brush in any fiddly corners.

These ideas will give you plenty of statement headboard inspiration

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