How to add some romance to your interiors this Valentine’s Day



It’s the perfect time to infuse a touch of romance into your living space

 words Adrianne Webster

Whether you’re planning an intimate evening for two or simply want to embrace the spirit of love, these Valentine’s Day-inspired interior ideas are sure to elevate your surroundings with sophistication and style.

Valentine's Day interiors ideas
Helmi Chandelier by Cameron Design House,

Embrace softer shades

Start by embracing a palette of soft, romantic hues, but think beyond the traditional reds and pinks; muted tones like blush, lavender, and dusty rose can create a more refined and timeless ambiance.


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For a subtle nod to the season, floral arrangements are a must, too. Opt for elegant blooms such as peonies, traditional roses (we love the above bouquet by Glasgow-based florist Mud Urban Flowers), or simple green leafy botanicals bring a touch of nature indoors.

For ultimate impact, you can place them strategically in areas where they can’t go unnoticed, like the dining table or the coffee table in the living room.

Utilise scents

And don’t forget the power of scented candles — choose fragrances like rose, vanilla, or jasmine to envelop your space in a romantic atmosphere.

Valentine's Day interiors ideas

Large Roses Candle, £168, Diptyque

Opt for luxurious textures and details

Inject a dose of luxury with velvet textures and faux fur. A plush velvet throw draped over your sofa or a fluffy pillow on the bed can add a touch of opulence that complements the occasion!

Valentine's Day interiors ideas
Designed by interior designer Erik Munro,

Set a Valentine’s Day mood with the right lighting

We all know how the ‘big light’ can ruin the vibe by adding harsh overhead light. To create an intimate and cosy setting, soft lighting is key.

Valentine's Day interiors ideas


Rhythm Siren Light, £900, Curiousa

String lights or fairy lights draped delicately around the room can add a warm and inviting glow, and dimmable lamps or candles provide an extra layer of ambiance, creating a serene atmosphere that encourages connection.

Opting for a circular light like the one pictured above can also help introduce warmth and intrigue says Ian Cameron, founder and creative director at Cameron Design House: “Using circular lighting in a bedroom is important to create a calming energy in the space. Choose a warm colour temperature to make sure there is a cosy and dewy effect from the light.”

Final thoughts

Remember, the key is to evoke a sense of romance without veering into cliché territory. Subtle, thoughtful touches will not only transform your home into a haven of love but also showcase your impeccable taste.

So, whether you’re celebrating with a significant other or reveling in self-love, these interior ideas are bound to make your Valentine’s Day memorable and stylish.

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