Scotland’s Christmas Home of the Year 2023: Take a look at this year’s entrants



From traditional Christmas comfort to glitzy festive glamour, this year’s homes prove there’s a seasonal style for everyone

Scotland’s Christmas Home of the Year is back, with new judge Danny Campbell joining returning judges Anna Campbell-Jones and Banjo Beale to decide on this year’s winner.

And competition is stiff. From 12ft trees, to bold neon lights, to garlands made from foraged materials, these homeowners show that you can go all-in for Christmas whilst still staying true to your personal style.

“This year’s homes are like a box of Quality Street: a real mixed bag from all-out to traditional, to outright fabulous!” shares Banjo Beale.

While the styles certainly differ, many of the homes focused on handcrafted and eco-friendly decorations.

“We saw some amazing homemade and upcycled ideas, which I will definitely be stealing for next year,” reflects Anna Campbell-Jones.  “Christmas should not be harmful to the planet.”

Below, read all about the five homes taking part, and get a sneak peek of what’s in store…


Homeowners: Hannah and Gordon

a couple and their dog stand in front of the exterior of an 1880s apartment building
Photo IWC Media. Courtesy of BBC Scotland
a wood panelled room with a Christmas tree and festive foliage on the mantle piece
Photo IWC Media. Courtesy of BBC Scotland

This period property comes alive at Christmas time, when Hannah and partner Gordon lean in to the historical feel with decorations that are refined, traditional and carefully curated.

The grand, wood panelled lounge plays host to a whopping 12ft Christmas tree, the ideal focal point for their many festive get togethers with friends and family.

This year, Hannah and Gordon also plan on turning their attention to their building’s communal spaces, and collaborating with their neighbours on a tree and some playful festive touches.


Homeowners: Katie and Jamie

A mum, dad and young daughter sit on the floor in front of a Christmas tree in a living room
Photo Kirsty Anderson. Copyright IWC Media. Courtesy of BBC Scotland
a children's bedroom with a rainbow on the wall and a colourful Christmas tree
Photo Kirsty Anderson. Copyright IWC Media. Courtesy of BBC Scotland

Katie and Jamie’s mid-terrace Edinburgh home is a colourful and fun-filled Christmas haven for the whole family.

Creativity is key here, with Katie turning materials that would otherwise be discarded – think wallpaper and fabric scraps – into handmade stockings and decorations, all with a little help from daughter Beth, who loves to get in on the festive fun.


Homeowners: Flo and Paul

exterior of a house decorated for Christmas
Photo Kirsty Anderson. Copyright IWC Media. Courtesy of BBC Scotland
a living room decorated for Christmas with an inverted Christmas tree
Photo Kirsty Anderson. Copyright IWC Media. Courtesy of BBC Scotland

At Christmas time, Paul and Flo’s modern Perthshire home becomes a maximalist dream house, full of festive keepsakes that tell stories from their travels all over the world.

After years of living in the UAE, Lebanese-born Flo and Paul fell in love with Scotland and, ten years ago, set up home here with their children Michael, Matthew and Megan.

For this family, the festive season starts the minute the clock strikes midnight on 31st October. With a collection of Christmas villages accumulated over the last twenty years and an average of over 30 Christmas trees in their home per year, their commitment to the season of good cheer is truly something to behold.


Homeowners: Scarlett & Gerry

the exterior of a modern house, with a mum, dad and two sons in front
Photo IWC Media. Courtesy of BBC Scotland
a dining room with a fireplace and dining table decorated with natural materials for Christmas
Photo IWC Media. Courtesy of BBC Scotland

Scarlett and Gerry’s Nordic-inspired approach to Christmas has both sustainability and family values at its heart, with an emphasis on reducing waste and creating new traditions for their two young sons, Rocco and Reddox.

By foraging for fresh materials like pine and cedar in their back garden and in the surrounding area, Scarlett creates impressive handmade garlands and centrepieces worthy of an enchanted forest.


Homeowners: Laura & Andrew

the exterior of a modern home, with a family of three and a dog in front of it
Photo IWC Media. Courtesy of BBC Scotland
A Christmas tree decorated with pink and silver, standing in front of a pink neon light
Photo Kirsty Anderson. Copyright IWC Media. Courtesy of BBC Scotland

The ultimate party location, Laura and Andrew’s modern townhouse is extravagant, glitzy and glamorous, the perfect place to host festive shindigs with extended family.

Laura pulls out all the stops to get the home Christmas party ready, with neon signs nestled into traditional Christmas trees and showstopping embellished table settings.

Scotland’s Christmas Home of the Year will air on Monday 18th December at 8pm on BBC One Scotland, and we’ll be bringing you an interview with the winner immediately following the show. Stay tuned…

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