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Discover the importance of a high-performing window system

With the UK government focusing on the quality and performance of homes across the country, window and door specialists Everest are exploring the role a window plays within a home

Behind the canvas with artist Christina Boyle

Christina’s paintings often draw inspiration from the textures, colours, and forms found in interior spaces

Studio Dean takes on former seaside hotel-to-home renovation

With views over the North Sea and right on a sandy beach, the potential with this property was obvious from the outset

11 of the best kitchen retailers in Scotland 2023

From exceptional customer service to high quality finishes, these kitchen retailers are amongst the very best in the country

A beginner’s guide to renovating an auction property

With some handy tips and expert advice, you can create beautiful spaces from dark, damp properties, turning a lifeless house into a welcoming home

Prepare your garden for a Scottish winter with advice from the experts

Prepare your garden for a Scottish winter with advice from the experts

Exploring the latest technological breakthroughs in interior design

Emerging technologies have changed conventions for all kinds of businesses, and interior design is no exception

The joy of slow, handmade homeware with Woven Rosa

This online brand specialise in handmade Peruvian rugs and slow-craft homeware

How to get your living room lighting just right

Take our advice on how to get the lighting right in what should be the cosiest room in the house

Design the heart of your home with Richard F Mackay

Your one-stop shop for a kitchen that combines enduring style with cutting-edge appliances


Inside the £1m transformation of new Glasgow restaurant Zhima

The new contemporary Chinese restaurant Zhima opened its doors on Friday 19 April. If you have a hankering for Chinese food this weekend then you're in luck; the latest addition to Glasgow's culinary scene is sure to tempt your tastebuds. Zhima, a new contemporary Chinese restaurant on St Vincent Place, promises to deliver 'taste on every level', with Cantonese, Hunan, and Sichuan influences underpinning the cooking style

Neat and tidy storage solutions to streamline your kitchen

What good storage looks like in your kitchen will vary from person to person. Most like to hide everything away behind uniform cabinets, but that can make it easy to forget what you have. A mix of open and closed storage is a good compromise. Organise by frequency of use, either displaying pieces you’d like to use more often (fancy dishes, that ice-cream maker that doesn’t quite fit in the pantry) or keeping those things you’re always reaching for close at hand.

East Neuk Seaweed founder Jayson Byles on sustainable foraging

East Neuk Seaweed founder Jayson Byles holds workshops celebrating Scotland's abundance of health-giving seaweed. Along the shores of Fife’s East Neuk, come rain, wind or sunshine, you’ll find Jayson Byles in his element. After a move to Scotland from his native New Zealand over a decade ago to work in the seaweed-harvesting industry, he launched East Neuk Seaweed, a community conservation and foraging business, focused on exploring sustainable ways to connect with nature.