Jo-Ann Alari’s guide to vintage shopping in Edinburgh



We catch up with style influencer Jo-Ann Alari about the joy of secondhand fashion finds

Interview by Adrianne Webster

I’ve always loved fashion and styling. When I was young, I used to draw clothes
all the time and kept all my little designs in a ‘fashion folder’. My mum would take me to Tammy Girl at the weekends and I would give her a fashion show in the changing rooms.

When I was a teenager I really got into vintage clothing. It was such a fun way to explore my style at that age, as I found such unique pieces.

I take style inspiration from lots of people rather than one specific person. I’m also a bit more old-school and still really love scrolling through Pinterest — Instagram can sometimes feel a bit same-y.

I’m really into street style, too, and I enjoy just seeing how people dress when I’m out and about in the city

On her favourite vintage shops

For amazing second-hand finds, I love to go for a good hunt around the charity shops in Stockbridge, Edinburgh. I’ve found some absolute gems there. The local Oxfam music shop is amazing — if you’re into music, I highly recommend a look. We have a record player at home and pick up lots of great vinyl here.

There’s also Armstrong’s in the Grassmarket, which is all about vintage clothing. Always worth popping in for a rummage!

My husband and I were in the Rose Bowl Flea Market in LA a few years ago when I had a lightbulb moment and decided to take some bits back to sell. My shop Collected Goods Store was born from there. I’ve always loved vintage clothing so it made sense for me to sell some pieces and not keep everything for myself.

On her favourite spots for weekend nibbles

We live in Dunfermline, so our weekend mornings generally consist of taking our dog for a walk in the local park and then stopping off at Blend or Café Wynd for coffee and cake.


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On winter wellness

I’m a homebody, and winter in Scotland is one of my favourite times of year. I have a toddler and love getting her all bundled up and going out for a walk. Being cosy at home and just having a slower pace of life is always something I welcome after a busy summer.

Oh, and drinking hot chocolate on the sofa every night, obviously. I haven’t thought of any New Year’s resolutions yet, but maybe to go with my gut more as it generally keeps me right.

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