5 paint shades inspired by the Outer Hebrides to freshen up your space with this winter


Eco-friendly paint brand Francesca’s Paints has launched a new collection of paint shades inspired by the wild landscape of the Outer Hebridean island of Barra

Words Adrianne Webster

The Isle of Barra — wild, windy and devastating in its natural beauty. Francesca’s Paints, an eco-friendly paint brand based in London, is taken with the island, too, as the founder has chosen the Scottish Outer Hebridean island as inspiration for her latest collection.

Francesca’s Paints founder, colourist Francesca Wezel, says she wanted to capture the calming tranquil feel of Barra after a visit to the island: “The colours came to me immediately. I could see five nature-inspired colours that elicited a sense of peace and serenity.”

The shade ‘Lichen’ is a yellow brown that adds depth and warmth to your living space
Smoky shade ‘Croft’ instantly adds mood and edge
Soft sage paint shades
‘Sea Kale’ adds a coastal splash of soft grey green
The shade ‘Traigh’ captures the soft golden beige colour of sand
‘Thrift’ adds a chic cosiness to bedrooms

The new ‘Postcards from Barra‘ collection features five coordinated shades: Thrift, a pale, soft pink, Sea Kale, a deep grey green with a nautical feel, Lichen, a balanced, yellow brown, Traigh, capturing the soft beige of the sand, and Croft, a moody blue made with black, burnt and raw umber and purple.

Every colour has been specially made with the same number of pigments, making the collection perfect for using throughout a space as a tonal palette to work.

And each individual shade is equally as strong used on its own, too.

“This is a sophisticated, timeless collection suited to every room and every style of interior,” says Francesca.

We have to say we agree.

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