Bums on seats with these Her & Him chairs


We’re all familiar with the phrase ‘bums on seats’ but this most likely isn’t the inspiration behind these saucy chairs. In fact, they’re a reimagination of a classic: the Panton chair

Fabio Novembre chairs

Words Miriam Methuen-Jones

But where Verner Panton’s original 1960s design was all smooth lines and clean curves, Fabio Novembre (designing for Casamania & Horm) has veered into the wacky with his representation of a naked body.

The aptly named Her & Him chairs are a playful antidote to any staid environment.

You might expect these seats to look out of place in a commercial setting, but international restaurants prove quite the opposite.

Minami, a Japanese restaurant in Ibiza, accents its bamboo-clad dining room with these seats in black, white and red, to the delight of its diners.

Similarly, though they might raise a few eyebrows, there’s nothing to stop you from installing a pair at your own table – just be ready for a few possibly embarrassed giggles from the unsuspecting in-laws.


If you’re sold on the waggish design, these peachy perches are available in a matt or gloss finish in a range of neutral hues, as well as a few fun colours like the vibrant orange above.

Why not celebrate nudity at the dinner table? It is the era of body positivity, after all.

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