London’s calling Alison McWhirter for new solo show this spring


How Flowers Feel by Alison McWhirter

Scottish colourist Alison McWhirter will be heading to London for a solo exhibition at The Russell Gallery, London, this spring.

Opening on 2 April, it’s the first of three shows planned for 2020 and a welcome return to the gallery for the artist, who has exhibited there since 2016. ‘How Flowers Feel’ will include vibrant still life works which encapsulate Alison’s style.

Critic and writer Nicholas Underwood reviewed her last solo London show: “Alison McWhirter has followed an unusual career path, leaving Scotland as a teenager to study painting south of the border at Bath Academy of Art in the late 90s, followed by a London career in publishing and teaching for a decade. But Scotland and a love of painting proved too strong as McWhirter returned to Glasgow, in 2012 quickly establishing a reputation with her thickly impastoed brilliantly coloured work, the flower paintings, abstracts and landscapes-that reflected strongly her debt to, and affection for Scottish Colourist painting. That is a rich tradition to follow and much, often largely decorative work, has come out of it but McWhirter seems alert to the dangers, the sheer exuberance of her approach and innate colour sense avoiding all the pitfalls’’

Alison McWhirter Solo Exhibition ‘How Flowers Feel’ will be at The Russell Gallery 2-19 April 2020 – attend online here

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