Setting up a stylish home office is easier than you’d think



De-stress in a cool home office with chic space and organisation options

Nasdaq Desk, from approx £4,000, Cattelan Italia

Whether or not you work from home, chances are there’s a corner of your house that is overflowing with paper-work. A constant stream of bills, reminders and files seems to be an unavoidable part of life in 2019, despite the fact that we’re all trying our hardest to go paperless. With the right desk, though, your dumping ground could be transformed. There are endless ways to style your space, and organisation systems seem to be getting more chic with every passing season.

One quick way to tame an out-of-control work station is to swap it for a desktop that opens up like an old-fashioned school desk. The one from BoConcept (below) illustrates how clutter can be hidden away beneath the lid, leaving a calm, clean surface. Only you need know about the chaos contained in its belly. As the lid lifts in three separate sections, this desk would be good solution if you’re strapped for space – you could store makeup in one segment and attach a mirror to the underside of its lid, giving you a vanity and a place to work all in one.

Cupertino desk, from £899, BoConcept

For an altogether more minimalist approach to the home office, how about this stand from Humanscale (below right)? Easily portable, it would be useful if you don’t want or need to work in the same spot every day. It’s good for your back, too: placed atop a regular table that you can sit in front of, it can be converted effortlessly into a standing desk. It’s recommended we stand for at least 15 minutes per hour spent at our work stations, and the QuickStand’s ability to shift easily between the two positions will give your body a break from the chair.

Accessories are, of course, an important part of any desktop, and the right decorative and functional finishing touches can pull the whole look together. If your desk faces a window (great for natural light, awful for distractions), a fun window treatment will provide privacy and a renewed sense of concentration. A lamp, meanwhile, is a necessity for those of us who work peculiar hours. There’s no need to play it safe, so why not pick a bright yellow colour to keep your spirits up on that late-night slog?

From left: Bisley file drawers, from £59, John Lewis; QuickStand Eco, from approx £320, Humanscale
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