Bring your kitchen to life with this gallery packed with colour



Be it bright, bold or pastel, colour makes a statement in one of the home’s most important rooms

1. Moduleo

Injecting personality into your kitchen is a breeze with a few creative, colourful touches. For a twist on the classic monochrome, incorporate cherry red as Ferries Kitchens have done (10), or alternatively, follow Gideon Robinson’s lead by lightening the cabinetry with a citrus yellow that can be mimicked in the dining room chairs (3). If you want something more subtle however, keep the units a neutral white and instead add pops of colour through furniture and wallpaper as done by Style Library (8).

For something a little more glamorous, use metallic accents to brighten the space further. Moduleo’s inclusion of mirrored, gold barstools (1) give a warmth to the black, gold and pink palette and tie together the brass pendant lights above the island. Similarly, the brass splashback, which features in this white and peach kitchen (6), helps to add luxury that’s accentuated further with Pooky’s marble-effect Soprano pendant light.

With the kitchen being the heart of the home, it can generate an enormous amount of hubbub, which means that creating a space that is aesthetically calming can help to stop it feeling too busy. Pastel shades offer a hint of colour but in more muted tones that won’t overwhelm the eye or detract from the quality and craftsmanship of the kitchen itself.

For a cool oasis, blues and greens give a fresh feel as demonstrated by Neptune’s Suffolk kitchen in sage (7) and Ashley Ann’s cabinetry in Cloudy Dawn and Summer Sky (2). If you would rather keep the cabinetry more natural though, choosing to paint the walls a soft blue is an equally effective approach as shown by Bertazzoni (9).

Pinks and purples can provide a warmer base to work from as Burbidge demonstrates with their pale heather Finsbury kitchen (5). Or if it’s a more contemporary design you’re searching for, look to Life Kitchens who have contrasted charcoal and powder pink for a striking effect (4).

2. Ashley Ann
3. Gideon Robinson
4. Life Kitchens
5. Burbidge and 6. Pooky
7. Neptune
8. Style Library
9. Bertazzoni
10. Ferries Kitchens
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