Issue 123 – January & February 2019: Editor’s welcome


Gillian Welsh
Photo: Izabela Viskupova

Bleak midwinter: it’s a time for shutting down and hibernating. But, if you let it, it can also be a time of promise, of scoping out what’s new and full of potential. That’s what this edition does: we welcome in the new year and the possibilities of enhancing our homes through inspired interior design. As well as identifying the trends that will be shaping early 2019, we have expert tips on how to work the best of these into your home. Two of the biggest upcoming styles, herringbone and all things Aztec, have been updated with zesty, punchy colour that’ll banish the chill of winter. Other key trends are fresh takes on old faithfuls. Take wood, for example: combined with simple shapes and contrasting contemporary finishes, bold wooden pieces with sleek, modern silhouettes are everywhere this spring.

If updating your home’s central organ is on the cards for 2019, prepare for ideas to be sparked: we’ve devoted more than 50 pages to the latest kitchen kit. Deciding what to commit to when there are so many cooking, storage and dining puzzles to solve can make it hard even to begin such a project – particularly if there are significant restrictions on space and budget. But these pages should help you work out what appeals – which can then be put into practice with the help of our annual Design Directory, free with this issue. It’s an indispensable guide to improving your space, big or small.

Editor’s picks

houses by the sea
Escape: Catchpenny Safari, page 244
This Life: Ruth Hinks, page 24 (photo: Susie Lowe)
chairs on rug
Design News: Gan Rugs, page 171
From left: Essentials – Potter Around, Wonkiware, page 236; Behind Closed Doors: Tom Faulkner, page 46
Architecture: North by North-West, page 165, (photo: Martin Kaufman)
little girls on stair
Art News: Alice Mann at the National Portrait Gallery, page 180
From left: Design Archives: Barron & Larcher, page 187; Essentials – Caffeine Fix: Goat Story, page 42
Interiors News: Hermès, page 31
From left: Reading List: DIY Books, image from Botanical Inks, page 134; Sampler – Geometry Class: Casamance, page 69
Kitchens Special: Stow Away, Birkwood Cabinetmakers, page 125


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