Taking Sides


Storage options have never looked so good

Float sideboard, from £945, Novamobili, stockists include Gideon Robinson

Rather than simply a storage item, a sideboard can liven up a bare living room wall, be a place for decorative objects and atmospheric lamps, and, as can be seen with these offerings, a stand-out design in its own right. “A sideboard works great as a display area whilst providing additional underneath storage,” says John Sims-Hilditch, co-founder of Neptune.

To select yours, John suggests simple criteria. “The key components to consider when looking to purchase a sideboard are storage, practicality and style.” Even though opting for a sideboard when short on space may seem counter-productive, John advises looking to a company that offers various sizes in a style you like and for additions such as adjustable zig-zag shelving, so you can tailor it to your own storage needs.

Play with height too. “Having the option to extend to a full-height dresser will maximise storage possibilities,” says John. “It’s extra space that’s absolutely effortless to use, which makes organising twice as easy.”

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