Issue 141 – March & April


What does luxury mean to you? Is it a cashmere throw around your shoulders on a chilly evening? A top-of-the-range car? A coffee and a magazine to ease your morning commute? One thing’s for sure, our concept of luxury has evolved since we published our first special LUXE edition back in 2019. A lot has happened in the world since then, altering priorities and forcing us to reassess what matters. We’re still partial to a little indulgence; it’s just that what feels like a treat now is perhaps less about grand statements and more about finding what brings us comfort and joy. 

Our homes embody that sentiment, and the rooms we’ve spent so much time in recently are getting some well-deserved attention. Putting together this special issue has been illuminating, showing us that what’s really on our wishlists is the unique, the handmade, the pieces that’ll last a lifetime and tell stories for generations to come. 

You’ll find examples of this throughout the pages of our latest edition. From the adventure-inspired interior of Susi Bellamy’s home and the indigenous craft revival led by Nila in Jaipur, to the sculptural staircase fit for the Guggenheim that in fact belongs to a house in a quiet residential street in London: it’s all about relishing what makes us happy. Hopefully, this issue will help you do just that.


Behind Closed Doors, Nila House, page 46
Left to right: Architecture, Cousins & Cousins, page 152; Tech essentials, Technogym ball from Dior, page 55; Trendwatch, Pill light from Empty State, page 60
Left to right: Books, Louis Vuitton: Manufactures, page 116; Design News, Mr & Mrs carafe from Nude Glass, page 167; Architecture, Daniel Bär, page 140
Escape, Marine North Berwick, page 256
Left to right: Escape, Loch Venachar Lodges, page 264; Kids News, Hiep knitted owl from Beaumonde, page 120; How Bizarre, Studio Job chocolate pot lamp from The Design Buzz, page 62
Garden case study, Joanna Wood, page 244

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