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Out back: townhouse with a Bondi feeling of light and space

Outdoor living and lots of light and space are taken for granted Down Under. Could they be combined with the sandstone and cornices of a listed Glasgow…

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Living large: cottage extension was no ordinary project

Adding an extension to effectively quadruple the footprint of your cottage would normally have the planners up in arms. But this house, in the Cairngorms, was…

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A perfect match: spectacular farmhouse extension in Aberdeen

The owners of this granite farmhouse bought it knowing it wasn’t right for them. But the addition of a spectacular extension has changed all that. At the end…

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Out of the ordinary: Glasgow three-bed semi with a difference

There are thousands of 1950s three-bed semis across Glasgow but very few that have managed to shrug off the standard template and find a way to suit life in…

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Whitehouse politics: Skye crofter’s cottage brought to life

Altering the look and layout of the traditional crofter’s cottage can raise hackles in Highland communities, so a diplomatic touch was called for when this…

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Bit on the side: contemporary addition provides breathtaking views

Who says extensions must always be hidden away at the back? This Edwardian villa has grown outwards from the side, gaining spectacular views of the Forth…

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Barn again: beautifully restored and modernised farm building

Not so long ago, a farmer kept his horses here. Now, thanks to an owner and an architect both determined to maintain its agricultural heritage, this building…

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