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Extension brings a touch of modernity to suburb

A suburban bungalow in Edinburgh gets a fresh perspective on the world Location is always cited as the most important aspect of any house, and for good reason.…

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Restored fortunes

Fife’s Dunimarle Castle has been brought back from the brink and given a new life as a family home If you had stumbled across Dunimarle Castle a few years…

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At the sharp end

This Edinburgh house shows what’s possible when you take a new approach to building in the suburbs Building a modern house in a city of well-established…

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To boldly go

Added to the rear of an Edinburgh villa, this bright, brave extension allows 21st-century living within the confines of an 18th-century home Modern living…

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Against all odds

The views were fantastic, but nothing else about this site in the Southern Uplands encouraged building. The architect explains how he made it happen The…

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Nature versus nurture

There is much to be gained by ensuring a new house is part of the landscape When Mhairi Grant looks at the results of her first architectural commission, a…

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Dark and handsome

The wild north-west of Skye has attracted some remarkable new homes over the last few years. This one, with its rugged good looks, fits right in “On our…

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King of the castle

Lachie Stewart fell in love with the ruins of Ballone Castle when he was an architecture student. Many years later he returned to stake his claim on it Ballone…

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The line of beauty

Sharp and sleek and pared back to the bone, this house on the west coast needs no adornment With its long, low profile and glass and concrete façade, this…

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A curved garden wall was the starting point for this home

Taking the garden wall as a starting point, the architect of this dazzling new house in Aberdeen has managed to produce a home that is secluded yet open, and…

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