8 cocktail glasses ideal for summer parties



If there’s one thing that will jazz up your favourite tipple, it’s a stylish cocktail glass. Here are a few Team H&I are loving right now

Coupe glasses

They’re the most recommended cocktail glasses for a reason (especially for those who like to don the hat of mixologist at home). Coupe glasses have a wider rim than more traditional cocktail glasses which means you can garnish away, as well as being able to sip your champagne without losing any bubbles. What more could you need? 

cocktail glasses

Morro Coupe Glasses, £12, Anthropologie

A fun play on the traditional coupe glass, these handcrafted and hand painted glasses are bound to take centre stage at any soiree. We feel sparkling rose may look the best poured in, but who are we to tell you how to celebrate?

cocktail glass

Champagne Couple Glass, £8.99, H&M Home

Ideal for those on the hunt for coupe glasses that won’t break the bank, let us introduce you to this H&M Home number. Reviewers have raved about the quality for such a low price, but they aren’t particularly large coupe glasses, so top-ups of fizz may be needed.

cocktail glasses

Set of 2 Mint Twirl Champagne Coupes, £34, Rose & Grey

Funky glass lovers, have no fear: we have you covered. The mixture of the green swirly stems and decorative glass means these will look as good on the shelf as they do filled with champers. 

Martini glasses

We reckon the martini glass is making a comeback. In fact, we predict three-ingredient cocktails (like the martini) will become a go-to this summer simply because they’re so easy to put together, freeing up time to spend in the sun. But before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s get into the glasses on the market.

cocktail glasses

Lustered Martini Glass, £12, Oliver Bonas

There is something about shimmery, iridescent glass that attracts us like a magpie every time. This hand painted martini glass has a real gold rim, but that doesn’t mean it feels so luxurious it verges on unusable – quite the opposite.

Green, Orange & Clear Perle Coupe Glasses, £45, &Klevering at La Gent

These glasses (they come as a set of two) are a unique twist on the typical martini glass, with its frilly rim and subtle bobbin-style stem. What’s more, you can convert them from stunning martini glasses into ice cream or dessert cups. Pudding has never looked more chic.

Margarita glasses

If there’s one cocktail that we’re going to indulge in during the hot summer months, it’s the margarita. Bonus points if it’s spicy or frozen.

cocktail glasses

Claro Orange Margarita Glasses, Set of Two, £24.50, Oliver Bonas

With gold foil edging and a ribbed finish, these glasses will add wow to your margarita mix. The amber hue sparks to mind summer evenings, while the shape ensures you can garnish aplenty. Bring on the sea salt.

Wine glasses

Okay, okay, while this isn’t exactly a cocktail glass, we had to include a good wine glass. Not only are they great for spritzes (hello Aperol, our old friend), but there is something about crisp white wine on a warm day that hits the spot.

Conical Crystalline Wine Glass, £7.99, Zara Home

This little Zara Home number will always be a winner. The shape is elegant and generous, so you can pile up your spritz in style, or keep your wine cool with a few ice cubes. While it may look mega in design, the glasses are surprisingly lightweight.

cocktail glasses

Oil Wine Glass, £19, Oli Glassware at Ferm Living 

Made from recycled glass, these wine glasses have personality thanks to their distinct style and colouring, bringing to mind mid-afternoon alfresco dining. The tiny bubbles in the glassware have been created by deliberate pockets of air left between the layers of glass. What’s more, they are dishwasher safe, so cleaning up at the end of the night will be a breeze.

Need more inspo? Stylish and straight up delicious, we asked Scottish bars and restaurants for their favourite cocktails, ideal for the summer months.

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