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Molly Molloy and Lucinda Chambers

Having enjoyed huge acclaim from their innovative, eclectic clothing collections, the women behind the Colville label are expanding their homewares offering this spring with a range of rugs, blankets and more.

How has your style evolved over the years?

Lucinda Chambers I’m a lot more considered about what I buy – most of my clothes are old friends. If anything hasn’t been worn for a while, it goes to my goddaughters, and when I do buy something new, I gravitate towards clothes that make me feel good. I miss dressing up – it has been quite uniform these last few months.

Molly Molloy I feel I’ve had the same vibe going on since I was at St Martins – it’s just variations on a theme. I’m maybe even more experimental now – sometimes I really go for it. But I’m not trying to impress anyone any more, I’m just doing it for me. Trainers, though, are a constant. 

Who or what are your biggest influences?

Both Everything around us. We’re constantly curious. We talk about everything we’ve seen or read. We have a similar sense of humour so we’re always sharing what has been making us laugh and then talking about books and art.

Who is your design hero?

LC Wes Anderson. I would like to be in a Wes film and dress like I’m in a Wes film and generally inhabit his world. His 2007 movie The Darjeeling Limited is our family’s cult film – it’s about three brothers who spookily resemble my three sons, so I feel I’m almost there. 

MM Alvar Aalto. 

Cristobal throw and spotted cushion, soon to launch on the Colville site

What should we be wearing right now? 

Both Drama from the waist up.

What’s your favourite building?

Both Our office in Milan. It’s in the Casa Berri-Meregalli, an incredible building that’s a totally eccentric mixture of Gothic, Liberty and Art Deco. It feels like we walk into a Milanese Gotham City every day. It’s a privilege to be here.

Describe your dream home

LC It would be a long white bungalow, by water, with a pontoon deck where a small boat would be tied up. It would have a basic kitchen, a sofa, a bed and one shelf on which I could rearrange the things I’d found. So, yes, it’s a dream as I live in pretty much the exact opposite way!

MM It would have a garden or a terrace. I have two small balconies, so I dream of a home with outside space.

What is your real home like?

LC It’s pretty eclectic – lots of pattern, print, colour, black and white, shiny things and texture. I rearrange stuff and weed it out from time to time, so it’s a very movable feast. 

MM It’s modern without being cold. Everything is very considered and carefully chosen.

What makes a home?

LC The people who live there and the people who gravitate towards it. I aim for a house that feels like a kind of commune, where everyone takes part and everyone can relax. If people want to stay, put their feet up, fling themselves on a sofa and eat anything they can find, I feel it’s a job well done. I put a lot of store by the word ‘cosy’. 

MM It’s where you can be surrounded by familiar things and feel completely relaxed, free and uninhibited.

How do you relax?

LC Reading.

MM I love a good binge-watch on Netflix.

The new collection is a mix of contemporary colours and patterns

Which iconic interior product do you wish you’d designed?

LC The Anglepoise.

MM Armchair 31 by Alvar Aalto.

What are you sitting on right now? 

LC A rather ugly office chair. I have tried many a Zoom on a stylish chair, and now I’ve swapped style for my spine. 

MM A vintage Charles Eames. 

The luxury item you’d really like to have…

Both We are very excited about the new Colville bowling vases – they really are a thing of beauty. They’re blown by artisans on the island of Murano near Venice, and every part of the process is handmade. 

How do you invest in yourself?

LC I’ve been with the same hairdresser, Nicola Clarke, and have had the same facials with Vaishaly for 25 years. I’m a creature of habit and they’re both brilliant. I love massages, swimming and yoga, and I really miss them – it feels like the senses have gone to sleep! 

MM I like massages too. Hours bent over a desk drawing takes its toll, so this is my treat. I also invest in my home and have no problem spending money there.

If money were no object… 

LC I wouldn’t change a thing.

MM I’d take all the people I love on holiday together.

Luxury is…

Both Choices.  

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