Issue 133 – November & December 2020: Editor’s Welcome


Photo: Izabela Viskupova

Uncertain times can encourage us to play it safe – but they can also spark inspiration and ingenuity. That’s our focus in this new issue of Homes & Interiors Scotland: we’re concentrating on dynamic, emerging trends and interior design that’s bursting with fresh, crisp energy.

Texture plays a big part – particularly in layering fabrics such as silk and velvet over wool and corduroy, or where stone, metal and timber come together in tactile harmony – but it’s colour that has the starring role. It’s not all about the usual winter warmers either: we’ve picked out neutrals and sweet pastels to bring comfort and joy.

Dive deeper into a kaleidoscope of colour and discover how it can set you free. Innovation and bold hues pop in every room of the open-plan, purpose-built townhouse on page 192, while a contrasting Georgian home (page 174) embraces chic understatement in its small, seductively moody rooms. And don’t just feel good: feel Gucci with our selection of the very best in red and green (page 48). 

Creativity in all its wild and wonderful manifestations can be found in our extended art section, from page 99 onwards. See it as another way to think outside the box.

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Editor’s picks:

Interiors: Over The Rainbow (photo: Suleiman Merchant), page 192
1 Design Special Christmas: Stevenson Brothers, page 57; Essentials, Functional Beauty: Curious Egg, page 117
Bathrooms: C.P. Hart, page 91
From left: Trendwatch Wood: Bisca, page 51; Art Opener: Katie Schwab, page 99


1 Monitor: Little Solves, page 29 2 Moodboard: M&L Paints, page 190 3 Trendwatch Wood: LSA International, page 50
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