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Replacing old flooring or renovating a room comes with many considerations. Ensuring it looks good is normally top of the list, but practicality and durability cannot be ignored. Traditionally, vinyl flooring was often considered the budget alternative to the more desirable wooden flooring; however, the advance of higher-end vinyl, such as Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT), offers a variety of styles that have multiple advantages over other types of flooring.

Stories Flooring stocks LVT brands, such as Amtico and Karndean, as well as engineered and solid wood flooring, and offers expert advice on what benefits vinyl flooring has over its wooden counterparts.

What are the current looks for vinyl flooring and what trends are predicted for 2020?

Current looks consist of warm, honey-toned oak flooring, rustic, stripped-back pale ash planks and retro-inspired Spanish and Victorian tiles. These have all taken 2019 by storm and have dominated Pinterest and Instagram for home decor inspiration. Trends for next year include industrial-chic luxury vinyl tiles – think tones and textures of warm cement and exposed subfloor – and, continuing into 2020, parquet flooring. Marble and slate are also likely to be big, with tiles cropping up in bathrooms and kitchens.

What are the latest innovations?

The latest innovations for LVT are eco-friendly, PVC and toxin-free tiles that are fully waterproof and finished in stain-guard and spill-resistant technologies. Massive leaps have been made in the last two years to create environmentally friendly tiles that have an extremely low carbon impact. They also incorporate the highest levels of specification, with interior designers now bringing their thoughts to the design and manufacturing process.

What are your three top expert tips readers should know?

  1. Luxury vinyl floor tiles are amazing if you’re trying to create the heavy-duty stone look, like marble. Faux-stone luxury vinyl tiles feature natural veining, colours and dents of real stone without the high price tag.
  2. Always buy more flooring than you estimate you’ll need. Aim for about 10% of the overall square meterage of the room to make sure that you have enough, in case of cuts or mistakes when installing.
  3. Click-lock vinyl tiles are probably the easiest to lay. If you’re planning on installing the floor yourself, these are a great option for novice DIYers.

What are the benefits of vinyl over other materials, such as wood?

Vinyl tiles keep moisture away and prevent damage to the subfloor thanks to their fantastic waterproof qualities. Unlike other floor choices, like solid wood, carpet or engineered wood, vinyl is unlikely to get damaged in places where the floor is bound to get wet, like your bathroom or kitchen. Vinyl is also stain-resistant, meaning your floor stays looking as good as new.

Is vinyl safe/practical?

In terms of practicality, vinyl flooring is one of the best choices on the market. It’s excellent for homes with small children, pets, or active households where mess and spills are guaranteed.

amtico-flooring-in-bathroomHow is vinyl best maintained?

To keep vinyl tiles looking good, mop away spills as soon as they’re made. Avoid putting sharp objects directly on the tiles that could penetrate or puncture the surface. Vacuum daily and use mild detergent when cleaning.

What considerations are there with colour and pattern in a small, or large space, with vinyl flooring?

The choices for vinyl flooring are almost unlimited – there’s a design to suit most tastes.

A top tip for smaller spaces – light and airy vinyl planks laid vertically down the length of the room draw the eye up and down the floor and will make the room appear larger.

For a larger space – faux-wood vinyl parquet flooring looks incredible and makes an instant statement. This particular type of flooring is so stylish and fills the space without overpowering the room. Pairing it with neutral decor is the best way to create a showstopper.

How should seams be tackled?

There are multiple ways to lay vinyl flooring; the method will depend on which type of vinyl tile you buy. Always refer to the specific instructions given by the vinyl tile manufacturer when tackling seams.

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