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Modern and traditional merge at this mill house extension

When one family got the chance to buy the cottage they’d rented on holiday 20 years ago, it felt too good to turn down. But could they live in it all year…

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This eco-friendly house has simplicity at its core

This expansive new-build is a brilliant example of the benefits of making your house as eco-friendly as possible Finding the balance between creating something…

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Marine technology is key in this striking rural renovation

This dramatic structure in the Aberdeenshire countryside has married cutting-edge marine-engineering technology with time-honoured stone masonry to create a…

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Project with a cantilevered element runs into a waterfall

Rule-breaking geometry and gravity-defying living space set this Stirlingshire new-build apart – yet it somehow all adds up to an impressively harmonious…

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Shortlisted for a prestigious award, this house has simplicity at its core

Hewn out of the rock, perched on the edge of a cliff and hunkered down in the gorse and heather, this house is embedded in every sense in its surroundings…

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Kitchen transformed with extension and new wine cellar

The dark, dingy kitchen of this Victorian villa has been transformed by the addition of a spacious glass extension and the creation of a superb wine cellar…

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Modern and traditional merge at this mill house extension

The owners of this house just wanted a practical solution to the problem of muddy boots, but they ended up with clever, sculptural addition to their home…

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Modernist principles prevail at this Edinburgh new build

In a neighbourhood full of clever architectural experiments, this cool slice of modernism fits in perfectly Perhaps the most noticeable thing about the new…

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American and Scottish flavours in this remodelled pad

That’s east coast of America meets west end of Glasgow – the results of a vibrant, harmonious collision that brings out the best of both worlds When you…

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Reconfiguring an Edinburgh home has created new light and flow

Creating a sense of flow from the front of this Victorian villa to the back and out into the garden has opened the whole house up to the light Getting to know…

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