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Borders build shows that low maintenance needn’t mean low on style

Simple forms and a minimalist appearance belie the clever concept behind this Borders new-build At first sight, this bold, bravura building of dazzling silvery…

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Big views dominate at this upside down Highland house

The plot was a dumping ground but the views were fabulous: how one architect focused on what really mattered It might seem as if every new Highland holiday…

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This contemporary Highland steading is worth shouting about

This ultra-modern take on the Highland steading has some surprisingly close ties with its Victorian heritage Three is the magic number. Or at least it appears…

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City centre structure wins awards for individuality and style

An award-winning new home breaks all the rules of what is possible in a small city-centre space All architects want to build their own homes. Or so believes…

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Extended 1950s bungalow given new lease of life

This radically designed extension has brought a tired 1950s bungalow back to life When Sarah and Chris Lawson first began thinking about how to improve the…

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Two crumbling farm buildings rebuilt and connected

Linking two reconstructed croft buildings has created a single, sensational dwelling After thirty years in the south of England, Thelma Archer was ready to…

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Dark stone cottage opened up to the northern light

A light, bright home has been coaxed out of the dark, cramped confines of an old Aberdeenshire cottage If you’re about to embark on a self-build project,…

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Unusual progression for Renfrewshire new-build

Renovation would have improved the house that was originally here, but the decision to demolish and begin afresh has been truly vindicated Nothing, in the…

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A Lochaber hillside is home to a new masterpiece

Some people cast the net  wide when they’re looking for a site on which to build their dream home – anywhere will do if the views are nice and the price…

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B-listed garden flat given a new lease of life

Reconfigured and extended, this Glasgow garden flat has no down sides A garden flat, to many people, is the holy grail: you get a home in the heart of the…

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