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Contemporary reimagining of a Georgian villa

This new-build in North Berwick has been designed to outlast its Georgian and Victorian neighbours Naming your home Solid House could be tempting fate –…

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This extension to a Highland Georgian property packs a punch

No one would mistake this extension for an original part of the Georgian house attached to it – which was exactly what the owners wanted Conservation…

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Victorian granite Aberdeen home gets a must-have makeover

This 1860s house has kept its period features but fused them with a cool, modern Scandinavian style When Emily and Andrew Curthoys moved to Aberdeen for…

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New build on the Moray Coast has flexible living space and impressive views

Designed to harness summer and withstand winter, this Highland home is setting new standards Just as film directors are warned never to work with children or…

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Borders build shows that low maintenance needn’t mean low on style

Simple forms and a minimalist appearance belie the clever concept behind this Borders new-build At first sight, this bold, bravura building of dazzling silvery…

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Big views dominate at this upside down Highland house

The plot was a dumping ground but the views were fabulous: how one architect focused on what really mattered It might seem as if every new Highland holiday…

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This contemporary Highland steading is worth shouting about

This ultra-modern take on the Highland steading has some surprisingly close ties with its Victorian heritage Three is the magic number. Or at least it appears…

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City centre structure wins awards for individuality and style

An award-winning new home breaks all the rules of what is possible in a small city-centre space All architects want to build their own homes. Or so believes…

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Extended 1950s bungalow given new lease of life

This radically designed extension has brought a tired 1950s bungalow back to life When Sarah and Chris Lawson first began thinking about how to improve the…

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Two crumbling farm buildings rebuilt and connected

Linking two reconstructed croft buildings has created a single, sensational dwelling After thirty years in the south of England, Thelma Archer was ready to…

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