Spring bedroom buys Team H&IS are loving for a new season refresh



The Homes & Interiors Scotland team share their pick of new bedroom buys to freshen and brighten for spring

The lighter mornings and evenings arriving is the perfect opportunity to dust away the cobwebs (literally) of winter and embrace some spring lightness.

Heavy duvets are stored away in cupboards and out come the lighter togs. Paintwork is touched up and skirtings, under the bed and blinds receive a thorough cleansing.

Now is a fitting time to incorporate some fresh colours and textures, too, in the shape of bed sheets, cushions and curtains, inviting in the warmth and vitality of the new season.

Yes, a spring update in the bedroom decor stakes has been occupying our minds of late. Here are the shopping picks that the Homes & Interiors Scotland team are coveting at the moment…

Catherine Coyle, Editor

Ebi and Emmanuel Sinteh, who own and run Goods Lifestyle Store, make my all-time favourite candle, Sunday Morning. The scent, with notes of raspberry, musk and whiteflowers, makes you want to linger in bed longer, safe in the knowledge that it’s the weekend so the only thing you have to rise for is to top up your tea and grab another pastry. The other fragrances in the Scottish-made range use the power of our olfactory senses to transport us to other places… get nostalgic for your childhood library, day dream of your next summer holiday or, if you’re like me, eke out your Sunday morning for just a few hours longer.

Sunday Morning Candle, £25, Goods Lifestyle Store

I’m a bone fide PJ person and I change into them as soon as I get home at the end of the day. But, as the temperatures rise (yes, even in Scotland!), I prefer lighter weight fabrics and shorter lengths that work for both lounging and sleeping. I’m a sucker for Doris Day so red gingham gets me every time, and the 100% cotton oversized fit of these made-to-order beauties makes them a must-have. They even come in a matching drawstring bag that doubles as a cute washbag.

Red Gingham Pyjamas, £65, Love & Squalor

Cashmere socks are too good to limit to just bedtime, so this triple bundle by Scottish sustainable bedding company Ava Innes is on my spring shopping list. I prefer the wider ribbing on the men’s version and the colour options work for both day and night.

Set of 3 Men’s Luxury Ribbed Cashmere Socks, £142, Ava Innes

Irregular Sleep Pattern Duvet Cover Set, £225

Miriam Methuen-Jones, Features Writer

Plain white bedding might be a treat at a luxe hotel, but it’s just not my jam. I like things bold, almost obnoxiously so. I also like Scottish brands that are doing things their own way. Enter Irregular Sleep Pattern. I found the brand first through their genderless pyjama suits (which double as streetwear) but swooned when I stumbled across the brightly patterned bedding.

Each hypoallergenic set is reversible, and most are a riot of clashing patterns. I’d welcome each and every set into my home. Consider this an official warning to my bank account…

From £130 for a single set (duvet cover and two pillowcases). irregularsleeppattern.com

Supreme 80% Goose Down All-Seasons Duvet (starts at £120 for single), dusk.com

Steph Boyle, Head of Digital

I’m in possession of the greatest duvet that’s ever been slept under. After slumbering neath what can only be described as a heavenly cloud while staying with a friend, I immediately found out where to buy it, and had purchased and paid for it before I’d arrived back home.

I bought it from dusk.com, an online retailer, and although it’s not the cheapest option, it does give you year-round versatility. Instead of swapping a heavy tog for a lighter one come summer, you simply remove a layer. The duvet comes in two parts – one 4.5 tog and one 9 tog – that fasten together with buttons.

It makes every bedtime feel that little bit more luxurious and, paired with Dusk’s lovely duvet covers (I favour the brushed cotton sets), you won’t be able to wait to get to bed.

Supreme 80% Goose Down All-Seasons Duvet (starts at £120 for single), dusk.com

Snooze Bed Linen Lazy Morning in Warm Grey, £97

I’m also fully obsessed with this Snooze bed linen from Normann Copenhagen – it’s so adorable.

Spring bedroom ideas
Wellbeing Pod Essential Oil Diffuser, £105, NEOM

And I love my Neom Wellbeing Pod. I have the normal porcelain one but they’ve got this cool one!

Adrianne Webster, Freelance Lifestyle Writer

This is hard to say out loud following what Miriam has just written about duvet covers, but… I do really enjoy plain white sheets. There’s just something about that deliciously crisp, straight-out-the-packet feeling that makes every night feel like a night away in a bougie hotel.

That being said, this year’s stripes trend has gripped me, so when I saw this duvet cover with its soft brown stripe pattern from buzzy fabrics brand Tekla, I had to immediately add to my wishlist.

Spring bedroom ideas

Woven using extra-long 100% organic cotton yarns with a 200 thread count, their duvet covers gently soften over time (but without that annoying pilling effect) and guarantee a pure, bright colour even after years of use. Sign me up.

Percale Cotton Duvet Cover in Hopper Stripes, £125-£260, Tekla

Spring bedroom ideas
After the Rain Reed Diffuser, £35, ARRAN Sense of Scotland

I’ve also recently become a devotee of ARRAN Sense of Scotland‘s new After the Rain Collection. This reed diffuser is a mainstay on my bedroom windowsill and adds a scent of rose, lime and sandalwood to the room, which helps me unwind after a particularly trying day.

After the Rain Reed Diffuser, £35, Arran Sense of Scotland

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