Issue 130 – March & April 2020: Editor’s welcome – The LUXE Edition

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Photo: Izabela Viskupova

This edition of the magazine is devoted to the theme of luxury, and putting it together has been something of a journey of discovery. The definition of luxury, it seems, is incredibly personal. To some it’s the chance to work with the finest craftspeople, for others it’s about the very best materials money can buy. In these pages you’ll find some who tell us that the greatest luxury they can imagine is standing still on a hillside, or having the time to travel and have adventures.

A home you love, arranged to suit the way you live, is the ultimate wish for most of us. Is it achievable? There’s a wealth of products, designs, colours and concepts in this issue to inspire, challenge and spark ideas.

We also talk to designers, architects and ordinary folk who have made big life changes in order to live a more fulfilling existence closer to nature. On pages 20 and 32, hear the story of two couples who swapped high-powered city jobs to reinvest their energy in very different projects in Perthshire and Argyll.

Your own definition of luxury might just be a good night’s sleep – we’ve got that covered too, on page 162.

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Editor’s picks


Reading List: Luxury Design for Living, page 148

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Behind Closed Doors: Lonely Mountain Skis (photo: Chris Thomond), page 60


From left: Avarice: Vista Alegre and Boca do Lobo, page 338; Reading List: Yves Saint Laurent, page 148


Essentials – Hang On In: Lee Broom, page 68


Must Haves – Animal Magic: Amy Somerville, page 78


From left: Design Special – Libraries: MorenoMasey, page 71; Objects of Desire – Gardens: Timothy Oulton, page 305


Essentials – Travel in Style: Sleep Siren, page 238

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