Swipe to see 10 amazing timber window and door transformations by Ventrolla


These before and after pictures prove that nothing is a lost cause when it comes to timber window and door renovation


This article contains paid-for content created in collaboration with Ventrolla

The sash window specialists at Ventrolla, have over 35 years’ experience saving wooden windows that often look beyond repair.

By removing or replacing rotten timbers, installing modern performance improvements (like the Ventrolla draught-proofing system), or further improving a window’s energy performance with slim double glazing, Ventrolla can breathe new life into old windows, adding value and curb appeal to your period home.

Swipe to see Ventrolla’s window and door transformations below

[twenty20 img1=”30561″ img2=”30562″ width=”500px” offset=”0.5″]
1. These sash windows were renovated with a pop of colour

[twenty20 img1=”30568″ img2=”30569″ width=”500px” offset=”0.5″]
2. An extensive sill, window board and corbel transformation

[twenty20 img1=”30570″ img2=”30571″ width=”500px” offset=”0.5″]
3. Coloured glass gave this project an unusual talking point

[twenty20 img1=”30572″ img2=”30573″ width=”700px” offset=”0.5″]
4. You’d never be able to tell this timber door once had a cat flap

[twenty20 img1=”30574″ img2=”30575″ width=”500px” offset=”0.5″]
5. Sliding glass doors were removed in favour of reinstating timber French doors

[twenty20 img1=”30576″ img2=”30577″ width=”500px” offset=”0.5″]
6. This casement window now has the perfect gold finishing touches

[twenty20 img1=”30578″ img2=”30579″ width=”550px” offset=”0.5″]
7. Installing a new window built to last was a key chapter in this kitchen renovation

[twenty20 img1=”30580″ img2=”30581″ width=”800px” offset=”0.5″]
8. Rotten sills needn’t put you off buying an older property

[twenty20 img1=”30582″ img2=”30583″ width=”450px” offset=”0.5″]
9. This impressive sash and case window has been sensitively modernised with new like-for-like hand crafted sashes

[twenty20 img1=”30584″ img2=”30585″ width=”800px” offset=”0.5″]
10. The sleek lines of this rotten sill were preserved during the revamp

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