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Scandi-inspired hardwood floors have reigned supreme, but could the humble carpet be coming to reclaim the crown?

Gold Coast luxury carpet, £POA, Elements London

Words Miriam Methuen-Jones

For a while, it seemed like carpets were on the way out. The craze for all things Scandi had made polished or untreated hardwood floors the only interiors trend in town, and the humble carpet was starting to feel like a dusty anachronism. If comfort was required underfoot (after all, bare floorboards and industrial concrete often look better than they feel), a rug would suffice.

Of course, real Danes and Norwegians don’t go in for the stark, austere brand of Scandi chic that looks better in photographs than it does in real life – that’s why they invented Hygge. Capturing that sense of homely warmth has become a much more sensible quest for the rest of us, which means wall-to-wall floor-coverings are back in the game.

Self-coloured wool is a perfectly fine choice, but why not make a statement? This monochromatic houndstooth number from Carpetright (below right) pairs beautifully with the black stairs and banisters to create a welcoming entrance hall.

From left: Inigo Amber, £150 per metre, Grosvenor Wilton; Columbus Houndstooth, £32.99 per per metre, Carpetright

Strong geometrics will make an impact too: this blue-and-orange runner from Grosvenor Wilton (above left) complements the white woodwork of the front door. The colour is picked up by a vintage table lamp in a similar hue, ideally placed for those winter mornings when you’re struggling to tie your shoes in the gloom.

The carpet tile, that staple of sad office blocks from the 1970s, is enjoying a surprise renaissance. Versatile and easily fitted, it can be used to create a custom patchwork design that looks much more expensive than it is. The tiles themselves are very durable, and when the time comes for a refresh, most can be washed at home in your kitchen sink.

Prefer something more muted? The Flame Stone floor-covering from Missoni Home (below) makes a statement without shouting. Paired with a bold sofa, it creates a dynamic, maximalist look.

Whatever style you go for, carpet is excellent for a whole host of reasons. Not only does it keep your place warmer, it provides a softer landing zone for little ones, and also acts as sound-proofing, meaning you’re less likely to annoy the neighbours (or each other) when going about your
daily routine. 

Flame Stone, £POA Bolon by Missoni Home

The return of carpet does not spell the end for rugs. The latter remain enduringly popular, not least with renters – anything that can be packed up and moved with you to a new property is a win. Wall-to-wall rugs have also soared in popularity as a much more cost-effective alternative to fitted carpet; there are no labour costs for installing or ripping out, so when you tire of the look, you can roll it up and swap in a new option.

Statement rugs are great for zoning: a soft blue sky-like look from The Rug Company (below right) pulls in the colours of the navy sofas and designates this part of the room as an area for relaxation.

New technology means different textures are possible; this chevron design from Nordic Living (below left) is a striking example of how strong long and short plush can look. Yellow is an under-used colour when it comes to flooring, but rugs are a great way to experiment with ideas, including colour, pattern and proportion. r

From left: Nordic Living and The Rug Company
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