Katy Eccles showcases ‘Seasonal Still Life’ cast art collection



Edinburgh-based Jessica Buckley Interiors and Imprint Casts Founder Katy Eccles are delighted to introduce ‘Seasonal Still Life’, a unique showcase of botanical art

 words Mairi Mulhern 

The ‘Seasonal Still Life’ cast art collection will be showcased in the Jessica Buckley Interiors showroom on William Street, Edinburgh, until October 2024.

At Imprint Casts, Katy creates bespoke, miniature botanical casts using flowers and foliage hand-picked from her Mother’s ‘Garden of Eden’ in Fife. All of the Imprint Casts pieces are formed using the same distinctive process – and are solely handmade.

This newest collection of Katy’s botanical art is presented in a tight-knit hang, reminiscent of historical cast galleries. The subjects of the pieces themselves are based on the natural, rather than classical world.

Katy tells us more about the newest collection of work – every piece has been lovingly handcrafted from start to finish using a specialist casting process and the pieces represent moments from across nature’s four seasons.

“I use wild flowers and foliage and carefully hand-press them into clay where the delicate botanical imprint is captured,” the artist explains. “The flowers are then carefully removed from the clay, petal by petal, seed by seed and the impression is preserved in plaster of paris.”

The casts are then left to air-dry for up to 10-12 weeks before they are complete. “My mother was actually the inspiration behind Imprint Casts, she had been casting flowers from her beautiful garden in plaster as a creative side project. In 2020 when my health started impacting my full-time job, I turned to casting as it was something I could do from home and without pressure and time constraints. Four years later, Imprint Casts is booming.”

Backdropped by an elegant interior design, envisioned by Jessica Buckley, Katy’s newest collection of botanical art will pay homage to the grand collections amassed by erudite Grand Tourists of the 17th and 18th century.

Imprint Casts at Jessica Buckley interiors space in Edinburgh
IMAGE | Jessica Buckley x Katy Eccles

Each piece boasts an intricate beauty, using the shape and form of real flowers to create heavy-weight ornaments that will look luxurious in any home. They have an elegance that could never be imitated by a machine.

Katy’s newest work is on display in the Jessica Buckley showroom until October at:

Jessica Buckely Interiors

39-41 William St



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