5 colour trends that interior designers are loving this summer


From sunrise yellow to deep shades of ocean blue, we think you will love these top five colour trends for summer

 words Mairi Mulhern 

Summer colour trends will focus on grounding shades that bring serenity to the home. The ultimate goal is to blur the line between outdoors and in. Whether you’re a fan of the bright and breezy or attracted to darker more luxurious shades, there’s a summer colour out there for you.

  1. Earth tones

Colour trends for summer article by H&IS
IMAGE | Fran Mart

Earth tones were re-popularised in May this year after supermodel Jasmine Tookes released images of her Los Angeles home (designed by KES Studio), where bleached burl wood, terracotta ornaments and luxe orange furnishings were design staples. All of a sudden, everyone wanted their walls painted in ochre and their rugs woven in burnt orange.

Though serene and luxurious, earth tones can appear one dimensional when overused. We recommend breaking through what could be a dull palette by adding one or two contrasting colours, like green or a subtle yellow. Splashes of white and lots of natural lighting will help uplift deeper colours in the home, too.

We recommend

Paints: Cadmium paint by Craig & Rose
Wallpapers: Supping Red Linen Print Wallpaper by Inchyra
Soft furnishings: Loch Ore Meadows collection by The Isle Mill
Rugs: Colonsay Rug by ANTA

2. Mid-tone blue

Trends for 2024 summetime - Mid-tone blue
IMAGE | Christina Kernohan

Inspired by the night sky and the deepest parts of the ocean, mid-tone blue can bring a mystical feel to your home.

This colour trend’s slightly muted appearance is perfect for those who wish to experiment with colour but are a little afraid! The lower saturation in mid-tone colours gives you the opportunity to paint an entire room or create zones without falling into eyesore territory.

We love mid-tone blue in recessed shelves and roof coats, or painted on door frames and banisters. You can also add depth to your mid-tone blue scheme with dark reds and burgundy in soft furnishings and curtains. Lighter wood, cork and spots of yellow work too. Let your creative juices flow!

We recommend

Paints: Blue Nova by Benjamin Moore UK
Wallpapers: Pascal Marine by The Pure Edit
Soft furnishings: Azure by MYB. Textiles
Rugs: Strata by Turnberry

3. Sunrise yellow

Colour trends for summer article by H&IS - sunshine yellow
IMAGE | Caesarstone

Who doesn’t love the colour of joy? As artist Vincent Van Gogh once said, “How wonderful yellow is. It stands for the sun.”

If you’re brave enough to follow this colour trend, sunshine yellow can inject life into any space – especially cooler, north-facing rooms or hallways that have little natural light.

If opting for bright walls, remember to look for yellows with subtle red undertones to imbue a rich yet soothing atmosphere. GAMBOGE by House of Hackney is a wonderful shade of yellow – not too bright, not too mustard-y. For wallpaper, try Emulsion Imagination from Scottish designer Timorous Beasties – a truly unique print and part of their newest collection.

A more subtle way to use yellow is through pattern in furniture or soft linens. Opt for a classic gingham or striped design to achieve a cutesy, traditional cottage look.

If you’re more of a maximalist, look for Victorian floral-inspired wallpapers or tasselled lampshades.

For more minimalistic minds, we recommend micro-dosing the colour yellow. Drop into accessories like book spines, vases, yellow-trimmed mirrors, candle holders and flowers.

We recommend

Paints: Portnalong Primrose by Isle of Skye Paint Company
Wallpapers: Stroma Dandelion Wallpaper by Graham & Brown
Soft furnishings: Yellow Moire Cushion by Jessica Buckley
Rugs: 2024 collection by Noridc Knots

4. Soft peach

Summer trends, soft peach interior design inspiration
IMAGE | Fran Mart

Pantone’s 2024 Colour of the Year, Peach Fuzz, has re-ignited a passion for peach.

Hailed as a compassionate and nurturing colour, soft peach is known to enrich the mind, body, and soul. This delightful, playful colour adds brightness to a room without overstimulating the senses.

Peach acts as a subtle highlight when painted on skirting boards or ceiling borders. For unique placement, try as a sink splashback in the kitchen or pretty cabinet in the utility room. A bold placement choice for this colour trend could be in the hallway, with peach checkerboard tiling leading guests into a bright and joyful home.

We recommend

Paints: Red 03 and Orange 05 by Lick
Wallpapers: Wild Honey Wallpaper by Iona Crawford
Soft furnishings: Francesca Leibowitz Heather Throw by ANTA
Rugs: Rope Rose Quartz Rug by Hem

5. Nature’s green

Top five colourful trends for summer - Nature's Green

This passionate and comforting colour never really goes out of style. Whether it’s pastel, olive, emerald or luxe, green is always on the summer colour trends list.

This summer, the focus is on natural greens. When we say natural green, we mean freshly unfurled leaves, rose stalks, ferns and apple orchards.

For walls, trims, doors and door frames, we recommend a darker, sharper green. For wallpapers, you can go lighter green and for soft furnishings, you can play with both. Rugs are beautiful when dark green (and for those who design for practicality over beauty, they’re less likely to get dirty).

We recommend

Paints: Armadale Garde by Isle of Skye Paint Company
Wallpapers: Finn Stag Forest by Iona Crawford 
Soft furnishings: Velvet Cushions by Timorous Beasties
Rugs: Peacock Large Rug from ANTA 

Looking for more colourful inspiration? Take a look at this coastal home on the Isle of Arran – it provides the perfect lessons in colour.

This coastal home on the Isle of Arran provides lessons in colour

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