Amy Moorea Wong on her dreamy new Heathfield & Co lamp collection


The limited edition collection with Heathfield & Co mixes soothing hues with striking design

Interiors writer and colour expert Amy Moorea Wong has collaborated with Heathfield & Co on a limited edition collection of table lamps called Dusk.

Inspired by the ethereality and ever-changing nature of this time of the day, the collection of lamps are characterised by evocative colours tinted with an alluring haziness and skillfully complemented with pops of unexpected tones, with a choice of five
mix-and-match two-tone lampshades available in contrasting colours.

Amy Moorea Wong alongside the lamps she designed for her new Healthfield & Co collection

A departure from Heathfield & Co’s familiar pared-back aesthetic, the collection features a series of whimsical, hand painted matt ceramic table lamps in five different colourways carefully chosen by colour expert Amy Moorea Wong instantly boost the mood in your home.

“The palette is based around contrast,” says Amy. “Its evocative tones are drawn from dusk – that ethereal time of day when colours seem to dance and warp, and when soft or exultant hues appear briefly before fading into darkness.

A selection of lamps from Healthfield & Co new collection Dusk

“I wanted to capture and bring together the smoky, hazy, dream-like tones that emerge as the sun starts to sink and set them against the darker, moodier colours that materialise mere moments later.

“The palette has an organic feel, but at the same time there are shots of surprising intensity in there. It can blend smoothly and softly, or create jolts of juxtaposition.”

Created as a way to easily introduce colour into the home, Amy’s clever two-tone shade design adds more colour, as well as allowing users to focus on a different tone when the mood takes them by simply twisting the light.

A lamp from Healthfield & Co new collection Dusk

Amy says, “I wanted to incorporate more colour onto the lamps but keep things contemporary and minimalist to balance the classical form of the base – together with Heathfield & Co, I designed a half/half colour split for the shade which felt really modern as well as beautifully simple, which is why I was surprised I hadn’t seen anything like it before.

“Something about having an even split, just two colours, feels natural and sculptural – like the way a shadow falls on an object. The colour divides also add a fun sense of interaction to each shade – they can be twisted to show more or less of the colour you are most drawn to from one day to the next.

The Dusk Collection by Heathfield & Co X Amy Moorea Wong marks the first in a series of limited-edition creative collaborations for the brand and will be available exclusively online at heathfield.co.uk from 18 March 2024

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