Our interiors Ins and Outs for 2024



Read our guide to the interior trends we’re embracing and letting go of this year…

“New year, new me”. Or in our case, new year, new ideas for how to update our living spaces.

Social media is awash with buzzy new homeware ideas, but to separate the short-lived trends from the long lasting updates you’ll love, we’ve pulled together an official H&IS list of ‘ins’ and ‘outs’ in the world of interiors for the year ahead.

Pen and paper at the ready…


Taking your time

Don’t buy into the pressure to change your whole life around by the end of January. Take time to prioritise what needs immediate upgrading versus what could do with a bit more consideration.

And if you need help with slowing down, our brand new Wellness Issue could help you out.

Being space smart

Make your space work harder, not smarter. This year is all about multi-functioning storage solutions, furniture that does more than one job and easy hacks that switch up zoning in your home.

Case in point, the colourful reading nook above.

Eschewing colour trends

Colour trends like Pantone’s Colour of the Year might create a lot of waves online, but don’t let that trick you into thinking you need to douse your whole house in Peach Fuzz.

Eschew trending colours for timeless palettes that will bring you joy for years to come.

Investing in home sustainability

When it comes to sustainability, the focus in recent years has largely been on the fashion industry and its pollution-causing processes. Yet, we could pay more mind to the planet when it comes to how we live at home, too.

This year, we’re saying no to fast fashion-style quick fixes and a resounding yes to heritage pieces that stand the test of time, home-made crafts and appliances that help reduce our eco footprints.


Using one single hue throughout an entire room can be a brave choice, but one that almost certainly will always pay off.

Our advice? Opt for a quieter tone that won’t overwhelm your space, like Farrow & Ball’s Sulking Room Pink or Little Greene’s Sage Green.

Statement stripes

Arguably the most classic of prints, stripes add instant interest. In the right shades, they can help a space feel fresh and nautical, or in candy tones – the hue of choice at the moment for stripes – they can feel fun and playful.

Whatever your choice, stripes are a safe bet.


Slavishly following trends

Be your own influencer and reject trend-following. Why? Because copying others only ever leads to a serious case of FOMO.

Creating your own inimitable sense of style is much more fun, unique and personal.

Flashy luxury

2004 called; it wants its diamante back. All jokes aside, we’re more than happy to leave super blingy design behind.

In its place, quiet luxury and its emphasis on timeless design. Much more appealing.



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On the flipside, we’re not embracing minimalism this year either. Why? Because life is messy and our spaces need to allow for a little bit of clutter from time and time.

We’re all for clean design, but a bit of colour never hurt anyone.

Lots of home tech

Be gone, Alexa! With tech filtering into every part of our everyday lives, our homes are becoming more and more of a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle.

Curate a sense of elevated cosiness with soft textures, peaceful tones and eye-pleasing silhouettes.

Looking for more interiors ideas? This understated coastal home provides plenty of inspiration

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