7 simple ways to update your living room



Time for a living room update? Take a look at some of our top tips if you want to give your living space a fresh look

TIE PATTERNS TOGETHER A neutral beige sofa sits beside a fireplace with a red and white chequerboard border. The walls of this living room are white with black beams overhead.

A chequerboard border of tiles around the fireplace will instantly update your living room.

This space, featuring the Titan sofa by Sofology, brings the pattern in again with soft furnishings like blankets and cushions.

update living roomHere, Andrew Martin delights in warm tones and patterns.

The walls are finished in Canopy, an alluring blue-green which pairs well with the Clara sofa in yellow.

GO BIG ON ARTA beige-green sofa sits below architectural eaves. Oversized canvases in a blue gradient take up the wall space behind the sofa.

Axe the gallery wall in favour of oversized gradient canvas prints.

Here, the shades of blue pair beautifully with the Etienne sofa by Porada.

GET CREATIVE WITH LIGHTINGTwo rattan pendants hang over a mid-century modern armchair. In the background, a woodburning stove sits atop a low built-in section

Swap out a floor lamp for staggered ceiling pendants.

Cool rattan lights (Aphrodite by Pooky) pair well with the rest of this Seventies-inspired space.

update living room

Eye-catching Halti lighting by Cameron Design House, abstract art, and sculptural sofas make this space a winner.

MAKE A STATEMENT WITH YOUR SOFA A bright red sofa with three scatter back cushions. Nine images of red, white, pink, and blue flowers are mounted on the wall behind.

When in doubt, go bold.

A statement sofa will update your living room, especially if it’s covered in Pillarbox Omega velvet from Linwood.

Pair with calmer walls and a neat arrangement of art to keep things sophisticated.

Never ones to shy away from colour, AMC interior designers created this cosy nook full of rich jewel tones.

LET NATURAL LIGHT INupdate living room

When natural light is readily available, simple furnishings are all that’s needed.

Classic pieces like the Reprise lounge chair from L.Ercolani are always worth the investment.

SWAP PLANTS FOR TREESA light yellow sofa and a boucle white armchair sit on either side of a potted indoor tree

Instead of the standard houseplant, try an indoor tree.

It’ll add a little whimsy and magic to your space and might be hardier than its smaller cousins.

Accessorise with the embellished Muse Snake & Apple cushion from Jonathan Adler for a tongue-in-cheek scheme.

ADD INTEREST WITH PANELLINGA corner sofa with cushions in yellow and orange. Two pendants hang above, with wooden panelling around a window in the background

Statement walls may be on the back foot, but accent panelling has never been more popular.

Here, woodwork around the window provides textural interest and makes the corner cosier.

Get smart and add hidden storage in there if space allows.

Coffee table, armchairs, and lighting from Garden Trading.

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