Modern day heirlooms with Bronwen Grieves



Words Miriam Methuen-Jones

Few things are truly timeless. Popcorn ceilings, pine kitchens and carpet in the bathroom all had their moment in the sun, lest we forget. Perhaps the best advice for style longevity is to go natural: handmade pieces crafted from organic materials seem most likely to have an enduring appeal.

This collection of decorative objects is by Nottingham-based ceramicist Bronwen Grieves, who uses gritty stoneware clay that increases tactility, inviting you to explore. Her shapes are inspired by the natural world as well as the built environment, and play with lines and negative space to invoke an architectural feel.

These intriguing pieces, all from the Sculpted Form collection, make a strong statement when displayed individually, but they really come to life when seen together.

There are eight in total, available from The New Craftsmen. And don’t worry about them going out of fashion – these are heirlooms in the making.

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