The hottest trend for your walls: colour blocking


Save on paint costs, define a zone, or just have fun with your space; colour blocking is a trend that’s here to stay


colour block pink circle and arch walls
From left: First Light, from £54.50 per gallon, Benjamin Moore; Old Ochre, Honfleur, Scandinavian Pink, from £21.95 per litre, Annie Sloan

Headboards tend to be pricey, so a great alternative to dropping a few hundred quid (at least) is to use a shape or a series of shapes on the wall to define your bed area. Benjamin Moore keeps things ultra on-trend with a baby pink circle behind the bed. A matching chunky throw, a bamboo lampshade and brass accents make this room calm and inviting.

Bolder with your interiors? Why not paint an abstract, arching pattern in your sleeping zone in place of a headboard. Annie Sloan brings in an unusual and contemporary colour palette with dark pink, brown, and blue. Natural linen bedding in a warm mustard colour finishes off this look.

blue colour block working from home space in attic bedroom
White Mist, Mint Macaroon, Warm Pewter, Urban Obsession, Goose Down, £29.16 for 2.5l, Dulux

If you’re still working from home, colour blocking can help designate a work zone. Chances are you don’t have a whole room dedicated to your office, it might just be the corner of your bedroom. Help keep more of a work-life balance by painting the section directly behind your desk. Not only will this allow you to bring in your favourite colours as a motivational backdrop, but it will help you mentally create space between your living zones. As soon as you take a seat in this colourful chunk of your room, your brain will know it’s time to work.

colour block blue and teal walls
From left: Powder Blue, Palm Springs, from £14.50 per 1.25l, Crown;  Mazarine 256, Cool Arbour 232, from £51.50 per 2.5l, Little Greene

Of course, colour blocking can just be used to add a bit of interest to your home. These two examples above are particularly cool because they incorporate existing furniture. The unexpected overlapping of a door frame, or bookshelf will immediately elevate your space. It also means you don’t need to worry if some bulky piece is in the way of your master plan: just paint over it! Bonus points for matching your knickknacks to the painted area like Little Greene has above.

You can also use the trend to replace artwork (or complement your existing collection). Why not paint a whole mural inspired by your favourite film scene, or keep it simple with some shapes or stripes. Don’t neglect the ceiling, either, any blank space can be jazzed up with a little imagination.

colour block walls
From left: Blue Vein, Flat Light, Beyond Blue, from £50 per 2.5l, Paint & Paper Library; Red Earth, Lulworth Blue, Mouse’s Back, all £49.95 per 2.5l, Farrow & Ball


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