EVENT REPORT: Group show – Nordic Living

Marking its first anniversary, interiors store Nordic Living hosted an art night to remember


Susan White speaking with Carrie Hoy

Photography Matt Beech

Despite being only a year old, Nordic Living has already earned a reputation for being a go-to destination to browse and shop. To celebrate its first year in the Capital, the store invited contemporary artist Arran Rahimian to exhibit his ‘Rolige’ collection. The artwork consists of abstract paintings, which have all been exposed to the elements, meaning the landscape has helped create the pieces. All were for sale after the jubilant launch.


Mogens Kleberg, Arran Rahimian and Sofie Biehl Kleberg


Mick Scho Rasmussen, Tobias and Christina Lundgren


Food and fizz provided by Tempo Perso

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Guests enjoyed exploring the artwork


Nina Floydd, Annelise Rahimian, Max Floydd


Arran Rahimian’s ‘Rolige’ collection


Food and fizz provided by Tempo Perso

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