Case Study: Right way round

Aged Woburn flagstones are laid across the whole room and out to the patio

Designing a small kitchen is challenging, because there are so many essential elements to include – how will they all fit in without everything feeling cramped? But having acres of space to play with doesn’t necessarily make the designer’s job any easier, as Andrew Wartnaby discovered when he was asked to create a new kitchen for this house.

Andrew, a senior designer with luxury handcrafted kitchen company Martin Moore, knew the extent of the project when he got involved: “The clients told me they wanted a kitchen on a grand scale,” he explains. “It was to be both a comfortable family room and a party area, and everything had to be the highest possible specification.”


Brief To create a high-spec, highly functional kitchen-dining-living room that could be used every day as well as for parties.
Works required Everything – the new room was a blank canvas.
Biggest challenge Persuading the owners to move the kitchen from the front of the house to the back so that it could open to the patio and create a better flow.
Budget The Martin Moore Classic range starts at £35,000.
Supplier Martin Moore
Photography Darren Chung
Words Judy Diamond