B-listed garden flat given a new lease of life

Reconfigured and extended, this Glasgow garden flat has no down sides

A garden flat, to many people, is the holy grail: you get a home in the heart of the city but you still have that crucial little bit of private outdoor space that makes life worth living. But the holy grail always comes at a cost, and it’s usually paid in the form of small rooms, low ceilings and a depressing lack of daylight.

That was the situation the couple who own this flat in Glasgow’s west end found themselves in. They loved where they lived, but a decade of inhabiting a dimly lit warren of rooms was taking its toll, especially as both had begun working from home. “It wasn’t more space that we needed,” they recall. “It was that we needed our space to work better for us.”

This was no sudden realisation. They’d been having discussions about how to improve their home for several years. “We’d reached the point where we were wondering whether we should start looking for a new house, or press ahead and change the flat we have.”

This is just a taster, you can browse the full article with more stunning photography on pages 108-116, issue 101.

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Photography Ross Campbell
Words Catherine Coyle
What A contemporary slate-clad extension to a basement apartment
Where west end of Glasgow
Architect Matt McKenna, Dress For The Weather
Main contractor and project manager Nest
Structural engineer David Narro Associates