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Renovation of a 1970s bungalow looks like a slick new build

A radical new look has transformed this house, but the changes have been just as effective – and far-reaching – on the inside First appearances can be…

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Modern glass extension updates Edwardian townhouse in Glasgow

Giving Modernist styling and 21st-century additions to this Arts and Crafts house was a risk that paid off handsomely It’s a dilemma that many owners of…

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Extended 1950s bungalow given new lease of life

This radically designed extension has brought a tired 1950s bungalow back to life When Sarah and Chris Lawson first began thinking about how to improve the…

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Unusual progression for Renfrewshire new-build

Renovation would have improved the house that was originally here, but the decision to demolish and begin afresh has been truly vindicated Nothing, in the…

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Project with a cantilevered element runs into a waterfall

Rule-breaking geometry and gravity-defying living space set this Stirlingshire new-build apart – yet it somehow all adds up to an impressively harmonious…

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Modernist principles prevail at this Edinburgh new build

In a neighbourhood full of clever architectural experiments, this cool slice of modernism fits in perfectly Perhaps the most noticeable thing about the new…

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Point of view: Dramatic four-bedroom new-build

Sharp-edged and elemental, this new building has its own angle on what makes a house a home – and has been shortlisted for the RIAS/RIBA 2014 award Chris…

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Form & function: Project on the Isle of Tiree is a family affair

This new-build on Tiree mixes curves, arches and different levels with elements of balance and asymmetry to produce a house that is strangely harmonious and at…