An interview with Suzie de Rohan Willner, CEO of Toast

The CEO of Toast, a leader in the ‘slow fashion’ movement (well-made garments that last a lifetime, with an emphasis on craft and simple design), talks about what makes her tick

An interview with Tim Gosling, furniture designer

The designer has an international reputation for classically inspired contemporary furniture and interior design
Philip Long

An interview with Philip Long, director of V&A Dundee

Philip Long is the director of V&A Dundee. Trained originally as an artist, he is a passionate believer that creativity should be a part of everyone’s life

An interview with Pam Hogg, fashion designer

The legendary fashion designer has designed the costumes for the National Theatre of Scotland’s upcoming production of Cyrano de Bergerac

An interview with Jessica Elliott Dennison, author and founder of 27.Elliott’s

Author of Salad Feasts: How to Assemble the Perfect Meal, and founder of 27.Elliott’s, a new Edinburgh café

An interview with Joe Hargan, artist and president of the Glasgow Art Club

After 11 years as president of the Paisley Art Institute, the artist has been elected as the new president of the Glasgow Art Club

An interview with Richard Parry, director of Glasgow International 2018

The curator and writer is the director of Glasgow International 2018, and previously worked for the British Council and the Hayward Gallery

An interview with Allison Gardner, programme director of Glasgow Film Theatre

Programme director of Glasgow Film Theatre, and co-director of the Glasgow Film Festival
Lucy Byatt

In the frame: Lucy Byatt

Lucy is the director of the Hospitalfield arts centre in Arbroath and curator of Scotland + Venice 2015 with artist Graham Fagen. Next year...