The lodges face out to sea and the East Lothian coast beyond

Escape: Catchpenny Safari Lodges, Elie

The East Neuk of Fife glamping site offers all the best bits of the camping experience with none of the negatives
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Seven essential pieces of coffee kit

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18 stylish kitchen lights

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The gable shows the exterior’s reclaimed stone, as well as the new window openings

This restored cottage in remote Sutherland is a deeply satisfying blend of the best...

Monastic minimalism coupled with a Scandi-Scots aesthetic makes for a special cottage retreat
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Style steal: Come over to the dark side

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How one interior designer took her cue from history to reimagine her country home

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This Life: Ruth Hinks, Cocoa Black

The champion chocolatier and founder of the award-winning Cocoa Black on thriving in Peebles, experimenting with flavours and living life to the max
Nigel, chief engineer, and Matthew, senior designer, working on a bespoke dining table in the Wiltshire workshop

Behind Closed Doors: Tom Faulkner

Focusing on the craft and the materials as much as on the design itself has allowed furniture firm Tom Faulkner to experiment, innovate and go from strength to strength