Drawing room

This Glasgow tenement has been transformed into a sophisticated student pad

Accentuating original features through the subtle use of colour has transformed this Glasgow tenement

Design Archives: Victor Papanek (1923–98)

A focus on people rather than aesthetics set the Vienna-born designer against most of his peers, but his radical ideas are increasingly finding favour today
Grace Jones

Free the Tipple: Kickass Cocktails Inspired by Iconic Women by Jennifer Croll and Kelly...

Each of the sixty cocktail recipes here has been inspired by a woman – someone who is a trailblazer, a ground-breaker or an icon
Forest Cottage

Escape: Forest Cottage, Aviemore

Rustic charm in fairytale surroundings gives an enchanting appeal to getaways at the Rothiemurchus Estate
Chair and paint

Trendwatch: Olive obsession

Give your space a cool edge with this updated autumnal shade
The Black Shed Skye

Keeping things simple has resulted in an award-winning, elegant home on Skye

It might be plain and modest, but everything about this award-winning house on Skye is rooted in warmth, comfort and beauty
Philip Long

An interview with Philip Long, director of V&A Dundee

Philip Long is the director of V&A Dundee. Trained originally as an artist, he is a passionate believer that creativity should be a part of everyone’s life
Rachel Adam sextant

Collective: Five artists taking part in an innovative project share their ideas

A former observatory on Edinburgh’s Calton Hill is the new home of Collective, the contemporary visual arts organisation
Annette Smith

Meet the maker: Annette Smith, chocolatier

Annette Smith makes artisan chocolates using high-quality ingredients and collaborates with other local makers to create new and exciting flavours
velvet couch

13 printed velvets

Wrap up your interiors with these lavish printed velvets