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Detached new build villa in Midlothian oozes LA luxe

With the glitzy sheen of an A-lister’s boudoir and the glittering lustre of Art Deco glamour, this new build is more Hollywood hills than the heart of…

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Small but perfectly formed home in the capital

False walls, dropped ceilings and recessed lighting, together with some bold design decisions, have combined to create a striking, small but perfectly formed…

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Glamorous three-bedroom new-build penthouse

A bland and boxy new-build penthouse has been given a glamorous, grown-up makeover that elevates it out of the ordinary Julia Grant is not in the habit of…

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All in the detail: Gorgeous Georgian townhouse in Edinburgh

Edinburgh’s Georgian townhouses are more than capable of standing up to big bold design statements. But to create a truly desirable home, sometimes small…

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An Italian Christmas: Elegant and stylish apartment sets the tone

This apartment in Rome was meticulously designed to be tasteful, elegant and stylish – and that doesn’t change when December comes round Chemistry labs, to…

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High society: Reconditioned 19th-century Edinburgh villa

Understated glamour is not exactly a traditional Victorian value, but as a décor theme it works superbly in this reconditioned 19th-century villa in Edinburgh…

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Farm fresh: A new-build barn in Perthshire

With ceilings four metres high and acres of space to fill, it wasn’t easy to make this Perthshire new-build feel cosy or comfortable. But the owner’s…

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New Mackintosh: Decorating with CRM

Thirty years of makeovers, reconfigurations and overhauls at this house in Bridge of Weir have finally produced the perfect specimen When the Morrisons first…

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Eastern promise: A pied à terre goes Oriental

When the owners of this petite London flat started to feel claustrophobic, there was only one man to call: Dan Hopwood, master of the art of turning a…

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Endless summer: converted Palladian mansion inspired by orangery

Designed to mimic a traditional orangery, this new-build holiday home in Elie thrives on blue skies and sunny days. And with one of Scotland’s best beaches…

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